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Open Air Cinema style entertainment is versatile. Take our giant inflatable movie screens and convert your swimming pool, your resort, your backyard, or your park into an unforgettable cinema! You pick the venue, the movie, and invite who you'd like. It's your private screening at the most comfortable cinema in town!

Start with a nice outdoor venue:

  • A beautiful backyard
  • Next to a pool or on the beach
  • On a rooftop, on the side of a building, or in a parking lot
  • At a baseball field, football field, stadium, etc.
  • A neighborhood block party, cul-de-sac street party
  • Campground or famous landmark
  • City park or the local Fairgrounds Gather your equipment:
  • Hire Open Air Cinema to manage the production
  • Or simply purchase our outdoor movie equipment

Throw this on screen:

  • Movies! Blockbusters! Comedies! Drama! Foreign Films! Classics!
  • Announce future activities with slides on screen
  • Family Photo Slide Show
  • Live Camera Footage
  • Music Videos, Karaoke etc.
  • Plug in: TV, Cable, HD TV, Satellite pay-per-view
  • Or whatever! Just plug it in!

Enhance your event:

  • Bring popcorn, a picnic dinner, or a classy tabletop affair
  • Add comfortable lawn chairs, or a few couches
  • Play some great music, even turn it into a dance party
  • Add a live band performance
  • Sell tickets and turn it into a fundraiser (licensing restrictions may apply)

Examples of themed events:

  • Baseball/Softball Theme
    • Movie: Field of Dreams/A League of Their Own
    • Place: Baseball/Softball Field
    • Food: Popcorn! Hotdogs! Pretzels!
    • Pre-movie baseball game
    • On-screen: Sports Trivia, slide shows, etc.
  • Sing-a-long Theme
    • Movie: Sound of Music with DVD subtitles
    • Dress: Costume awards for the children or adults!
    • Food: Whatever Julie Andrews likes :)
    • On-screen: Movie Trivia, slide shows, etc.
  • Classic Car Night Theme
    • Movie: American Graffiti
    • Dress: 50's jeans and white T-shirt
    • Food: Burgers, Fries, and Strawberry Shakes!
    • On-screen: Movie Trivia, Car Facts, slide shows, etc.

Work with us to produce your Open Air Cinema event exactly the way you want it!

Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema

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